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The spirit of our FREE TOURS is share the history of Puerto Pirámides with our visitors. The village treasure much more than it seems! We share our time, energy and passion in each FREE TOUR!

  The tours are FREE. We solve the activity thanks to the will of those who join the tour, who according to their budget and the quality of the experience, can value it.  

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We propose you to get to know and experience the cold process of saponification, to talk about the contamination of water by discarding oil. In the workshop, each participant will carry out and take home an ECO soap. 

Group: maximum 4 people. Only over 18 years old. 

Duration: 2 hours 

Additional information: only with a reservation of at least 48 hours prior to the selected day. They will be subject to availability. No previous experience is necessary. All necessary materials will be provided.

 Price: $ 2000 (argentinian pesos / person. 

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