Creating Impact

                           Creating Impact

From the beginning of Puerto Pirámides Camina, we were very clear that we did not want to be just a tour. We constantly work to connect with the environment where we live to be part of an experience as providers of a service and as neighbors of the town where we live.

We choose to always position ourselves on the side of those who ADD. In this section we share our small grains of sand that we are convinced push us to have a positive impact with our steps.

During the quarantine declared in our country, we also get in touc with other tourist destinations in our country. It was thus that the idea around carrying out a cross raffle together with 3 of the highest ranking destinations in our beautiful country, came true.

After the end of our first season walking around our village, the pandemic arrived with all its uncertainty. Far from being paralyzed, we got to work on a video based on the most frequent questions asked by visitors of Península Valdés. We began to consolidate the idea of ​​a network, of collaborative actions.

In November 2019 we were active witnesses to the dream of a handful of students from a small school in Andresito, Misiones. We learned of the desire of mothers and fathers of students from the little school in our town, to invite the children of Misiones for the first time to get to know the sea, the Southern Right Whale,...