What is a free walking tour?

It is a well known concept in most of tourist destinations around the world. It is an accessible and friendly way to get to know the places we visit, sharing information with local people.

What does the Free Tour of Puerto Pirámides Walk is about?

Our tour is basically a walk around the village, in which we share the history, curiosities and anecdotes of our town in an easy and fun way.

Are we going by car?

No! As the English word "walking" indicates, the tour is done by foot.

Is the tour recommended for all kind of walkers?

Yes! People of all ages, and even pets, participate in our tour!

How difficult is the walk?

The difficulty of the tour is low, not only because it is a tour through the streets of the town, but also because many stops are made, which means that we hardly realize how far we are walking.

Does the tour have fixed days and hours?

Not for the moment. All the people who make up the staff of Puerto Pirámides Camina have our personal occupations, so the tours are organized based on demand and our availability. We always do everything possible so nobody interested on the tour misses it. We recommend contacting us 72 to 48 hours before, and we recommend you follow us on our Instagram @puertopiramidescamina where we publish the tours that are agreed upon.

How long is the tour?

It lasts between 1.30 and 2 hours

How much does the tour cost?

This tour format does not have a fixed cost, but works for tips. In general, we suggest a minimum that we will tell you when we contact you, since it is the way we have to make sure that our guide´s time will be valued. your text here...